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W116 Linear VCA

W116 Linear VCA

Featuring the AS3360 IC (based on the classic CEM3360 IC), this linear response VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) is suitable for both audio and CV signals.


It would also be the ideal match with a modulation source such as an exponential envelope generator.



  • Linear response VCA.
  • Adjustable initial gain between fully-closed and fully-open (unity-gain).
  • Two CV inputs (each with a 0V to 10V input range from fully closed to fully open). One CV has a dedicated attenuator and the other is fixed.
  • Adjustable signal level (up to unity-gain).
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Hand-built and tested in the UK.



  • Model number: W116
  • Format: Eurorack
  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: approx. 25mm
  • Power consumption:
    • +12V: 20mA
    • -12V: 20mA
    • +5V: 0mA



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