Dual Logarithmic Slew Limiter (SL)

Dual Logarithmic Slew Limiter (SL)

This module comprises two logarithmic slew limiters, useful for a range of different applications, such as adding portamento to a keyboard, or as a basic A/R envelope generator, gate delay or low-pass filter.



  • Two logarithmic slew limiters with controllable slew amount (glide time of approximately 0s to 5s).
  • Suitable for many different applications e.g. adding portamento to pitch CVs (tracks 1V/octave) or as an A/R envelope generator, gate delay or low-pass filter.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Hand-built and tested in the UK.



  • Format: Eurorack
  • Width: 5HP
  • Depth: approx. 25mm
  • Power consumption:
    • +12V: 40mA
    • -12V: 30mA
    • +5V: 0mA



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