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W127 Preamp

W127 Preamp

This simple preamp is great for amplifying modular level signals to adapt them between various modules e.g. an LFO signal or envelope. The DC-coupled design is perfect for CV signals, however modular level audio signals can also be amplified.


The gain is switchable between x2 and x4 (when the gain control is set fully CW).


An overload LED also indicates when the output signal is clipping.



  • Perfect for amplifying and adapting modular level CV or audio signals between modules.
  • Switchable gain between x2 and x4.
  • Overload LED indicates when the output is clipping.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Hand-built and tested in the UK.



  • Model number: W127
  • Format: Eurorack
  • Width: 5HP
  • Depth: approx. 25mm
  • Power consumption:
    • +12V: 30mA
    • -12V: 20mA
    • +5V: 0mA



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