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All of our products are covered by a one year manufacturer warranty from the date of delivery.


This warranty covers any defect in the manufacturing process of the product. It does not cover any intentional damage or malfunction caused by incorrect usage. Such scenarios not covered under the warranty are, but are not limited to: dropping the product, intentionally damaging printed-circuit boards (PCBs), panels or components, plugging power cables into modules the incorrect way round (i.e. opposite polarity), excessive voltage levels, or exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture levels etc.

The warranty covers free-of-charge repair or replacement for products that are deemed to have a defect from the manufacturing process.

Please note that this warranty does not affect the rights of EU customers to the legal guarantee, stipulated under EU law.


To make a claim under this warranty, please contact us using the contact form or via email at; providing the following information:

  • The reason for the claim i.e. technical details, photos of the problem etc.

  • Your order number/copy of invoice.

  • Payment method used.


We will then review your claim as soon as possible. If we are satisfied with your claim, then we will either provide you with details via email for returning the product back to us to be repaired, or send you a replacement, depending on the claim. Please note that the cost of sending a product back to us for repair is at the expense of the customer.

Please note that we will not repair modified units or provide any assistance in cases where one of our products has been modified.

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